Why I became a blogger

My Creative Outlet.

It’s finally here, my first ever official blog post! How did I even get here? I thought I should make this an introductory post into why I even became a blogger in the first place and a little insight into me as a person.

I always loved and enjoyed writing in a journal as a teenager. I even wrote poetry for a few years in high school as a creative outlet. Writing seemed to help me gather my thoughts and bring a bit of much needed clarity. I loved taking pictures and videos of almost everything that was happening in my life at the moment to keep sort of a record and have memories to look back on later. In my twenties, the love for writing continued but I had less time at my disposal to do it as often as I would have liked and with time the writing ceased.

Those who know me know that I am an open book about my life and I love to share my experiences. One of my closest friends, Chantelle started a fashion and beauty blog early last year and that was my first serious introduction into the blogging life. I was so interested in everything it took to create content for her blog. It was so exciting and I loved the entire process. She suggested I start my own blog about motherhood but of course I brushed off the idea because my initial thought was… “Me? A blogger? No way lol”

Late last year during one of my more difficult periods in life when I felt like I was struggling a bit with balancing life, I came across some mom bloggers on Instagram and it was refreshing to read their blogs. Not only was it inspiring to read their content, I also felt like I wasn’t alone in some of my challenges after reading what other people like me were experiencing in their life.

I began toying with the idea of blogging by the end of last year but the biggest obstacle I faced was my own self doubt. I kept getting into my own head and changing my mind. A part of me was so excited to become a blogger and to create content that I love, but another part of me was terrified of this new step.

In January I made a promise to myself that this year I will launch my blog. I got the added push when I met a fellow blogger and soon to be friend, Tammy at a celebratory lunch. She was also having issues with self doubt when it came to launching her blog and after conversing with her and Chantelle I got the added confidence I needed to launch my blog this year.

I dipped my toe into the blogging pond by first micro-blogging on my Instagram for a few months. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it gave me the confidence to work on an actual blog website. Working on my blog quickly became my creative outlet and my stress reliever. It doesn’t feel like work to me at all, it feels more like a de-stressing hobby.

I’m glad I took the leap into the blogging world. I’m grateful for all the support, encouragement and motivation I got from my friends and my husband along the way. I also want to thank you the reader for taking the time to visit my blog. It means the world to me and I do hope you continue to enjoy the rest of my blog content.

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