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  • 7 Skincare tips that saved my skin
    As a teenager I had acne-free and smooth skin and not a single care in the world. I had no skincare regime and the only facial skincare product I owned at the time was a bottle of face wash. All […]
  • Dealing with anxiety
    This past year and few months have been a trying time for numerous people around the world. Whether physically, mentally, financially or emotionally, we have all been affected by this pandemic. During this time it is important to take charge […]
  • Tips on balancing life
    How I learned to balance the different aspects of my life I have been asked many times how I balance life as a wife, mother, doctor and blogger/content creator. Honestly, it wasn’t easy at first and I will be lying […]
  • Life lessons learned in 2020
    And just like that 2020 has come to an end. It’s about that time where you think back to what valuable lessons you learned in the past year and decide on the necessary changes or resolutions for the new year. […]
  • 7 Self-Care tips
    Taking care of your wellbeing. I’m sure you have heard the word Self-Care thrown around so many times, but what exactly is Self-Care. It is setting aside the time to take care of your own wellbeing whether it be physically […]
  • Why I became a blogger
    My Creative Outlet. It’s finally here, my first ever official blog post! How did I even get here? I thought I should make this an introductory post into why I even became a blogger in the first place and a […]
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