Life lessons learned in 2020

And just like that 2020 has come to an end. It’s about that time where you think back to what valuable lessons you learned in the past year and decide on the necessary changes or resolutions for the new year. While reflecting on the year that went by, I wrote down just a few of the main life lessons I learned throughout the year and made a concise list.

1) Life is short and unexpected, Enjoy it.

With an unforeseen pandemic throwing a wrench in everyone’s plans and also causing the untimely death of so many people and loved ones around the world, it made us value our life and time on this earth even more this year.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone and we should embrace life and enjoy it while we’re still here to do so. Show your loved ones you care about them and don’t take for granted that you will always have time on your side.

2) Be grateful for what you have

With so many people having lost their jobs, their livelihood, their lives or their loved ones, it has taught us to be appreciative of what we do have and not take anything for granted. Be grateful for the things and the people you have in your life and count your blessings one by one.

3) Set your goals and chase your dreams

Don’t just dream of a better future. Learn to set your goals, outline your plans and work towards making your dream a reality. Take the plunge and make those first steps. Without a plan and without any action, a dream will forever remain just that…. a dream.

4) Fall 7 times, get back up 8

It’s impossible to go through life without experiencing failure. However, fear of failure should not paralyze you and hold you back from achieving your goals and achieving greatness. No matter how many times you fall, you need to get up, dust yourself off and get back on the horse.

5) Make self-care a priority

Self-care is not a privilege, it is a necessity. You can’t pour from an empty cup so take care of your own wellbeing first and foremost. Make sure you schedule time to do activities that reduce your stress and enhance your physical, mental and emotional health.

6) Take care of your mental health

Never neglect your mental health and suffer in silence. Take charge of your mental health and get the necessary help you may need. It is important to practice appropriate coping methods and take control of your anxiety or depression before it takes control of you. And remember, you are not alone in this.

7) Change is inevitable, embrace it

The only constant thing in life is change. Life does not remain stagnant and that’s the fun in it. Learn to be flexible and adapt to the many twists and turns life may bring.

8) Stay away from negative people

If you surround yourself with bitter people, then you too will become bitter yourself. Stay clear of people who see the worst in everything and make life appear more dreary than it needs to be. Instead, fill your life and inner circle with people with a positive outlook and energy who acknowledge the bright side in life and every situation. Stay positive!

What other lessons did you learn this year? Take a few minutes, reflect on this past year and write them down. As the new year begins, make a promise to yourself to learn from and remember these lessons in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone!