Tobago Staycation

With Covid safety measures of course.

The new normal.

Unfortunately, the covid pandemic has caused a lot of cancelations of trips, and ruined vacation plans for the year 2020. With the travel restrictions in place and covid still spreading throughout the world, it has made travel vacations impossible for the next few months.

What’s the solution to that? Staycations. However, I must stress that if you really must go on a staycation to Tobago, or even Trinidad, please please please take the necessary precautions. DO NOT BE IRRESPONSIBLE and further risk the spread of covid.

A few months ago, my husband and I were able to have a quick staycation in Tobago just before the second wave of Covid hit our country. We chose Blue Waters Inn as the location for our little anniversary staycation because of its secluded location in remote Speyside, Tobago. So calm, so peaceful, so quiet.

For our 15 minute flight to Tobago, we were super prepared and vigilant. With masks and face shields on at all times, a small spray bottle of alcohol and a hand sanitizer on our persons, we sanitised our hands after touching any surfaces, leaving nothing to chance. I even sprayed our seats and arm rests before sitting and took great care in avoiding unnecessary contact.

I was impressed with how well the social distance protocols were adhered to in both airports and on the plane. Temperature checks were done, security re-enforced social distancing and signs were everywhere with the necessary precautions.

When collecting the rental car at the airport in Tobago, I meticulously disinfected the inside of the car before we felt comfortable driving to our destination. The drive to Blue Waters Inn was a long one but the scenic views along the way were so breathtaking. Especially the view of the ocean from the top of the hill leading down towards Blue Waters Inn. Gorgeous was an understatement.

Upon arrival at the little hotel in Speyside, we were greeted by very friendly and helpful staff who wore their masks and informed us of the Covid protocols before escorting us to our rooms. The room was tidy, clean and appeared quite cozy. The bathroom was immaculately clean with great lighting for makeup application for the ladies that know that great lighting is important.

The room had a great sized balcony overlooking the sparkling blue Tobago waters that appeared perfect for a cool afternoon swim. No sounds could be heard on the balcony besides the singing of the birds in the nearby trees and the sound of the waves on the beach below.

First order of business was to thoroughly disinfectant the room even though I knew it would have been done before by staff. Armed with my can of lysol and my clorox wipes, I disinfected every inch of the room. I placed the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the outside of the door for the duration of our stay to avoid having cleaning staff coming into the room.

After settling ourselves, we took the time to explore the hotel. The infinity pool was absolutely beautiful as it overlooked the beach below with its magnificently blue waves. The beach was quiet and secluded. Most times we were the only couple present on the entire stretch of beach and I wouldn’t prefer it any other way.

The restaurant at Blue Waters Inn served delicious meals at mealtime and the waiters were amazing at their job. Always in a good mood and pleasant, they even shared tips on what to do at the hotel, including night time walks on the dock to watch the Barracuda fish zip by the underwater lights. The seating at the restaurant adhered to the Covid protocols and we were nowhere near any other guests for any of our meals. Just the way I like it.

For entertainment at the hotel, we went for afternoon swims in the cool blue water of the sea or took a dip in the pool as we watched the sun disappear over the hills. The quietness and secludedness added to the romance of the atmosphere, perfect for an anniversary staycation.

One of our days there, we took the glass bottom boat from the Blue Waters Inn Jetty to Little Tobago, a small little island off the coast, for a hike and historic tour of the uninhabited island. Unfortunately we passed on the snorkeling option on the way back to the hotel. If only I had my own personal snorkeling gear, I would have gladly snorkeled in the calm ocean waters.

On another day we took a drive to Charlottesville where we hopped a ride on a small boat to the absolutely gorgeous and very secluded Lover’s Bay. With its beautiful pink sand and clear blue water, it looked so unreal. We had the bay all to ourselves. Nothing but pink sand, blue water and glowing sun. We sat in the shallow and calm waters and talked as we took in the calm and serene view for half an hour. Lover’s Bay has  officially become my favorite place in Tobago hands down.

For some of our lunchtime meals, we ordered food from Jemma’s Treehouse restaurant in Speyside, Suckhole restaurant and Sharon and Phebs restaurant in Charlottesville. Delicious is an understatement. The portion sizes at each restaurant were well worth the affordable prices. Most times we had left overs to eat later on the balcony of our hotel room in the quiet evening.

Due to the Covid pandemic, we obviously could not go out as much as we would have liked to and spent a lot of time indoors or on the balcony playing board games and card games as well as watching Netflix. Despite being a bit confined and limited in outing options, we thoroughly enjoyed our very secluded and peaceful staycation. It was great just taking a pause in life and just enjoying nature.

There is no doubt that I must return to Blue Waters Inn and Speyside when this Covid Pandemic is over. I had a great deal of fun and even though it was not how I expected to spend my 5th year anniversary, with a pandemic shutting down all overseas travel, it was such a memorable and unforgettable experience.


Exploring St. Lucia

My 2019 Girls Trip.

With Covid ruining my travel plans for the year of 2020, I’m left reminiscent of the times when I was able to fly freely to other countries for vacation. One of my most recent trips pre-Covid was to St. Lucia in July 2019 with a few girl friends.

St. Lucia is hands down one of my favorite vacation islands. I have already visited and vacationed on the island 3 times in just 4 years. I even had my honeymoon there. Each time I go to St. Lucia there is still so much to do and so much to explore.

AirBnB accommodation

This particular vacation was a five day trip with four of my closest girlfriends. We booked a Airbnb for the duration of our stay and we were 100% happy with our selection. Lotus Villa is a 3 bedroom private mountainside villa in Gros Islet with its own pool and wonderful views of the ocean and sunset.

The hostess was very welcoming and helpful. We were greeted with alcoholic fruit drinks that were so delicious. The villa was clean and modern with many amenities and the pool was so gorgeous and very well placed overlooking the ocean.

Soufriere Sulphur Springs Volcano and Toraille Waterfall

On our second day on the island, we hired Joe Knows tours for a day excursion around St Lucia with many pit stops, activities and sightseeing. We were driven from the North-Western part of the island to Soufriere in the South. Along the way, the tour guides made stops at fishing villages, historic city landmarks and a lookout point with clear views of the towering and famous Pitons in the distance.

In Soufriere, we were given a tour of the sulphur springs and given a history lesson on the Soufriere volcano. We took a dip in the warm pools which is said to make a person appear more youthful due to the minerals in it. We then washed off and cooled down in the beautiful Toraille waterfall nearby.

Rum distillery

On the way back from the Soufriere Volcano, we made many pit stops including a tour at the rum distillery where we were able to taste many of the rums produced by St Lucia. My favourite rum hands down was the Marigot Bay Coconut Cream rum. Oh how I wish I bought a few bottles to bring back home.

There were also pit stops to a lookout overlooking the gorgeous Marigot bay and also to a beach side restaurant with views of the Pitons for a late lunch.

Rodney Bay Beach and restaurants

Rodney Bay is a popular area in St Lucia filled with many restaurants serving delicious local food. We frequented the Rodney Bay beach strip as well as the Rodney Bay Marina for many of our meals whether it be an American style brunch or Italian Pasta or Sushi for dinner. We were never disappointed by the service or the food at any of these restaurants.

Sushi from Rituals Sushi

On our third day in St Lucia, the girls and I took a dip in the Rodney Bay waters and relaxed on Reduit Beach and watched the picturesque sunset. It was such a relaxing day in the beautifully blue and relatively calm waters.

Sunset Catamaran Cruise and the Pitons

On our fourth day, half of my girls group went horse-back riding on the beach while the other half opted to go on a sunset catamaran cruise around the south part of the island and to the Pitons.

On the catamaran there were food and drinks and melodious music as the boat made its way towards the mighty Pitons. Along the way there was a brief stop in the absolutely gorgeous Marigot bay.

The Pitons looked enormous from up close as we docked in the beautiful Sugar beach to bathe and snorkel off the coast in the cool and refreshing water. As the sun began to set, the catamaran set off once again in time to view the stunning sunset. The cruise ended with a dance party to a mix of Caribbean Soca music.

Friday Night Street Party

There was absolutely no way that we were going to miss the Friday night street party in Gros Islet on our last night in St Lucia. The streets were packed with people dancing to Soca music from the various Caribbean Islands.

There were many food stalls selling aromatic foods, especially a variety of seafood dishes. I took the opportunity to indulge in some more of that delicious Marigot Bay Coconut Cream Rum that I tasted in the Rum distillery.

The night was filled with energy and excitement and I wished it to last longer but I knew I had to leave to get some rest before our flight the next day.

Beautiful St. Lucia

Even though I have been to St Lucia three times already, I plan to return again one day. I can’t help but love this gorgeous island and want to explore every inch of it.

If you’re ever looking for a chill and beautiful Caribbean island to visit once covid is over, you should keep St. Lucia near the top of your list. You won’t regret it.